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If you were arrested for theft in the Greater Toronto Area, contact a GTA criminal lawyer.

Defending You Against the Theft Charge in the GTA

If you were convicted of theft, the conviction could linger like a dark cloud over you for years and decades to come. Theft charges can not only ruin your reputation but also affect your employment opportunities in Canada.
You need a theft defence lawyer on your side to defend you against the charge and avoid a conviction altogether. Here at Lawyers From The Six, our criminal lawyers have the required skills and experience to protect you or your loved one by convincing the prosecutor to drop the charges.

What is the theft charge?

Theft is defined as the act of taking or converting someone else’s property without their permission. Pursuant to Section 322 of the Criminal Code, you must have the intent to deprive another person of their property either temporarily or permanently to be found guilty of theft.
In the context of theft charges, conversion occurs when another person’s personal property comes into your possession without their consent or permission, and, knowing that the property doesn’t belong to you, you continue to use it as your own.
In all cases of theft, the Crown must prove that the defendant had the intent to steal to convict him or her of theft.

Types of theft

The punishment for theft charges depends on the value of the stolen item:
Shoplifting occurs when the defendant steals from a retail store or another place of business that sells goods. You will still face criminal charges and punishment for theft if you return the stolen item or funds to the person who was deprived.

What are the penalties for the theft charges?

Typically, penalties depend on whether the stolen goods are valued at over or under $5,000:
A theft conviction can also affect your employment opportunities and stay on your criminal record for the rest of your life. That’s why it’s vital to contact a GTA criminal lawyer and defend yourself against the charges before it’s too late. Contact our theft defence lawyers at Lawyers From The Six to talk about your situation.

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