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If you have been charged with a criminal offence in the Thunder Bay area and are looking for a lawyer you can trust, then Lawyers From The Six are the team of Thunder Bay criminal lawyers residents can rely on, to get the best possible outcome for their case.
Being charged with a criminal offence can have serious consequences for your life. You could receive significant fines, lose privileges, and incur other penalties that disrupt your life such as a prison sentence. We are on hand to advocate on your behalf and keep the disruption in your life these charges can bring to a minimum.
Our team of criminal defence lawyers have experience handling cases from aggravated assault and theft to manslaughter and murder. So, whatever your criminal charge is, we can help you out!

Choose Our Criminal Defence Lawyers in Thunder Bay

Criminal defense lawyers in Thunder Bay are essential for providing legal support and advice to people dealing with criminal charges. Our lawyers analyze cases, collect evidence, and create effective defense plans that suit their clients’ requirements.
Our lawyers also engage in discussions with prosecutors to achieve positive results, stand for clients in court, and guarantee that their constitutional rights are respected. Moreover, they provide emotional assistance throughout the challenging legal proceedings.
In case of convictions, defense lawyers can aid with appeals after conviction. In general, they have a significant impact on ensuring justice and defending the rights of individuals accused of criminal activities.

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Our Criminal Lawyer Defence Services

Each criminal case is unique and can be a combination of one or more charges. Our team has years of experience handling a range of cases and have the resources to deal with any criminal case you present us with.
We have proven success in defending charges including:

Assault charges are when someone hurts or scares another person on purpose. It can be as simple as pushing someone or as serious as using a weapon or causing severe injuries. To prove someone is guilty of assault, there needs to be proof that they meant to hurt or scare someone. 

Aggravated assault is a serious type of assault.. It usually involves using a weapon or causing bad injuries to the other person. This crime is punished more severely than just regular assault. 

Dangerous driving charges are when someone drives in a dangerous and careless way that puts other people in danger. This can happen when someone drives too fast, drives after drinking alcohol, or drives while on their phone. If someone is found guilty, they might have to pay a fine, have their driver’s license taken away, or even go to prison, depending on how serious the situation is. 

Domestic assault happens when someone hurts their partner, family member, or someone they live with. This can include hitting, threatening, or controlling behavior. It’s a very serious crime that can lead to legal trouble and might need help to keep victims safe and supported. 

Failure to provide a sample means you didn’t give a breath, blood, or urine sample when the law says you have to, like in cases where someone might be drunk driving. If you don’t give a sample, you could get in trouble with the law and have to pay fines, lose your license, or even get arrested. 

Fraud charges occur when someone tricks another person to benefit themselves. This may involve dishonesty, theft, or distorting the truth to acquire money or belongings illegally. Examples of fraud are credit card fraud, identity theft, and investment schemes. Punishments for those found guilty can range from fines, probation, to prison time. 

Human trafficking is when people are traded illegally using force, lies, or threats to make them do things they don’t want to do. The people who are trafficked are not free to make their own choices and are used to make money for other people. This is a very serious crime that goes against people’s rights. 

Impaired driving charges occur when someone operates a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, impairing their ability to drive safely. This includes driving while intoxicated or under the influence of illegal drugs or prescription medications. Such charges can result in legal penalties and license suspension. 

Manslaughter is when someone accidentally kills another person without meaning to, but usually because they were being careless, not paying attention, or acting out of strong emotions. Some examples of manslaughter are when someone causes a deadly accident because they were driving recklessly or when someone unintentionally kills someone during a fight. 


Murder is when someone kills another person on purpose or after planning it. It’s the most serious form of homicide, because the person who did it meant to cause death.  

Robbery charges are when someone forcefully takes someone else’s belongings. It’s a severe crime that usually includes stealing with violence or the threat of violence. The punishment depends on how bad the crime was and if the person has committed similar crimes before. 

Sexual assault is when someone initates unwanted sexual contact without permission. This could be touching inappropriately, forcing the person to have sex, or doing other sexual things without consent. 

Simple assault charges happen when someone tries to hurt another person on purpose without using a weapon. It can also be when someone threatens to hurt someone else. The consequences can be different, like getting fined, being on probation, or going to prison.  

When someone takes something that doesn’t belong to them without asking and plans to keep it forever, they can be charged with theft. This can happen if they steal items from a store, take things that belong to someone else, or even if they shoplift. How serious the charges are depends on how valuable the stolen things are and the situation they happened in. 

A weapons offence means doing something illegal with weapons like guns, knives, or bombs. This can be having them when you’re not supposed to, carrying them around, or using them in a harmful way.  

Charges for young offenders are when children under a certain age get in trouble for breaking the law. They don’t get treated the same as adults because the legal system takes into account things like how old they are and how mature they are. The main goal is usually to help them get better, not just to punish them. 

Thunder Bay Courthouse

In the Thunder Bay area, most criminal cases are tried at the Thunder Bay Courthouse. The courthouse is located at:

125 Brodie Street North
Thunder Bay, ON
P7C 0A3

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