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Criminal Defence
Lawyers North York

If you have been charged with a crime in North York, your freedom and reputation are hanging in the balance. Any criminal charges should be taken seriously, which is why it is important to retain legal counsel to protect your rights and fight for a positive outcome in your case.
At Lawyers From The Six, our knowledgeable criminal defence lawyers are diligent and devoted to our clients’ needs and interests. We can find weaknesses and inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case to get the charges against you dropped or dismissed.
Our results-driven lawyers are highly respected among prosecutors, judges, and law enforcement agencies in North York. Our law firm is known for its unparalleled ability to aggressively defend clients and work tirelessly on each case.

Our Services

We will advocate for your rights at arraignments, hearings, and court trials to help you avoid conviction and serious criminal penalties. Our North York criminal lawyers will do whatever it takes to secure the best possible outcome if you were charged with:

North York Courthouse

If you are facing criminal charges in the North York area, you may participate in the criminal justice proceedings of your case at one of these courthouses:
North York courthouse at 1000
Finch Ave W, ON M3J 2V5
(Phone: 416-314-4208)
North York courthouse at 2201
Finch Ave W, ON M9M 2Y9
(Phone: 416-314-3962)
Ontario Court of Justice at 47
Sheppard Ave E, ON M2N 5N1, in North York
(Phone: 416-326-3592)
Facing criminal charges can be a stressful and frightening ordeal, which is why you shouldn’t hesitate to contact a North York criminal defence lawyer to advocate for you to get you the best resolution possible.

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Being represented by a skilled criminal lawyer in North York can mean the difference between freedom and imprisonment. Our criminal defence attorneys at Lawyers From The Six have built a stellar reputation for their client-focused approach and zealous advocacy.

Our unmatched integrity and excellence in the courtroom allow us to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients. We offer our clients an honest and transparent fee arrangement for our top-notch legal representation. Our law office in North York is available 24/7 to answer your calls. Call 647-830-3083 to receive a free, no-obligation case review.

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