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At Lawyers From The Six, our Vaughan criminal lawyers understand how terrifying and stressful facing criminal charges can be. We also understand how a criminal charge can impact various aspects of your life.
Time is of the essence when facing criminal charges. You have no time to waste. The sooner you schedule a consultation with a knowledgeable criminal defence lawyer in Vaughan, the better the outcome may be.

Our Criminal Defence Lawyers Vaughan

If you don’t take action immediately to construct a winning defence strategy, your freedom could be at stake. Our criminal defence lawyers in Vaughan know how to work with prosecutors and courts to help our clients avoid convictions and lengthy sentences. We are committed to giving every client individualized and effective counsel.
A criminal defense lawyer also helps people accused of crimes by providing legal advice and support. They investigate the case, collect evidence, and create a defense plan to lessen the impact of the charges.

Choose our criminal defence lawyers in Vaughan to receive fair treatment and the best defence strategy possible. You can learn more about our criminal law firm here.

Our Criminal Defence Lawyer Services

No matter the criminal charges you are facing, our team of skilled criminal lawyers at Lawyers From The Six are here to help. We have decades of courtroom experience in handling a variety of criminal cases:

Assault charges usually involve intentionally hurting or scaring someone. This can include physical attacks, threats, or even actions that make someone feel unsafe. The severity of assault charges depends on how much harm was caused and the intention behind the actions.

Aggravated assault is a graver type of assault in which someone deliberately harms another person with the intention of causing severe harm. This kind of assault usually involves the use of a lethal weapon or leads to significant physical injury. It carries stricter punishments compared to simple assault.

Dangerous driving is when someone operates a vehicle in a way that puts others at risk. This can involve driving too fast, making dangerous moves, not following traffic signals, or driving while drunk or high. It’s a serious crime that can also lead to accidents, injuries, and possible license suspensions.

Domestic assault charges are related to physically or emotionally harming a family or household member. This can involve spouses, partners, children, or other relatives. It covers different types of abuse, like hitting, threatening, or controlling behavior.

Failure to provide a sample usually means when someone doesn’t give their breath, blood, or urine sample when asked by law enforcement during a DUI or drug investigation. This refusal can lead to consequences like losing their license or facing criminal charges.

Fraud charges occur when someone tricks another person or group to get money or advantages illegally. This may involve lying, distorting the truth, creating fake papers, or using fake names. Examples of fraud are credit card fraud, identity theft, insurance fraud, and securities fraud. The punishment for fraud changes based on how serious the crime is.

Human trafficking refers to the unlawful business of trading people, usually for forced work or sexual exploitation. Victims are frequently tricked, forced, or kidnapped and then used for financial gain. This practice involves manipulating and taking advantage of individuals through deceit, coercion, or violence, which violates their rights and dignity.

Impaired driving charges are the legal consequences of driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This includes driving while intoxicated or impaired by substances, which can result in impaired judgment, slower reaction times, and a higher chance of accidents. These charges come with penalties such as fines, license suspension, and possible imprisonment.

Manslaughter is the illegal act of causing the death of someone without planning to harm them. There are two main types: voluntary manslaughter, which happens when someone intentionally kills another person in the heat of the moment or without planning it, and involuntary manslaughter, which occurs when someone causes someone else’s death due to careless or negligent actions.

Murder, the deliberate act of taking someone’s life, is considered one of the most heinous crimes in society. It involves the intentional killing of another person, often premeditated and executed with planning and malice aforethought. The gravity of this offense is reflected in the severe legal consequences it carries. There are also different degrees of murder (first degree murder of second degree). Our team is experienced in these serious charges and you should contact our office immediately for a consultation for your file today.

Robbery charges pertain to the illegal act of forcefully or intimidatingly taking or trying to take someone’s belongings. This usually involves using threats, violence, or coercion to steal money, items, or valuable possessions from an individual or a location like a shop or a bank.

Simple assault charges usually involve purposefully hurting or trying to hurt someone without a deadly weapon. This may include hitting, kicking, or shoving. It’s a minor crime that could lead to fines, probation, or imprisonment, depending on how serious the situation is.

Simple assault is a crime where someone intentionally hurts or threatens to hurt another person without using a weapon. It is usually considered a minor offence, and the punishment depends on the location.

Theft is the act of taking someone’s belongings without their permission, intending to keep them for oneself. It can include stealing objects, money, or even ideas. Stealing is seen as a crime and is subject to legal consequences.

A weapons offence means possessing a weapon without the proper permits or licenses. It can result in hefty fines, confiscation of the weapon, and even imprisonment. Additionally, using a weapon in the commission of a crime can lead to even more severe consequences, such as enhanced charges, longer prison sentences, and potentially even life in prison.


Young offender charges are criminal charges filed against individuals who are below a specific age, usually minors or teenagers. These charges are connected to crimes committed by young individuals, like theft, vandalism, or assault. The legal system often handles young offenders in a distinct manner, prioritizing rehabilitation over punishment.

Vaughan Courthouse

If you were arrested in Vaughan, you and your criminal defence lawyer might participate in the criminal justice proceedings at the courthouse at 50 Eagle Street W in Newmarket. The full address is:

50 Eagle Street West
Newmarket, ON
L3Y 6B1
Phone: 905-853-4809

If you have been charged with a crime in Vaughan, our criminal defence lawyers at Lawyers From The Six can explain your rights and provide a wide range of services to defend your case.

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Charged with a criminal offence? Contacting a knowledgeable criminal defence lawyer before the arrest or immediately afterward can make a massive difference in the outcome of your case.
We possess strong litigation skills to help you get the best results. While an arrest can be very nerve-wracking and stressful, you shouldn’t give up hope. There’s still a chance to defend you against the charges and avoid a conviction.
Our Vaughan criminal lawyers at Lawyers From The Six are prepared to vigorously defend your rights and always go the extra mile to seek the justice you deserve. We are available 24/7 to take your calls and answer your questions. Schedule a free initial consultation with our criminal defence lawyers in Vaughan by calling 647-830-3083.
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