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Were you charged with criminal assault and in need of a Criminal Lawyer in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)?

Defending an Assault Charge in the GTA

As with most other types of violent crimes, the possible penalties and consequences of an assault charge are significant. If you’re facing criminal assault with an assault charge in the GTA or elsewhere in Ontario, don’t wait until it’s too late to contact a criminal defense lawyer.
Let our Aurora assault lawyers at Lawyers From The Six protect your rights and freedom and prepare an effective defence strategy against assault charges in your case.

What is an assault charge?

Section 265 of Canada’s Criminal Code defines “assault” as the intentional use of force against another person (or an attempt or threat to apply force) without the victim’s consent. To qualify for an assault charge, the force must be applied on purpose (intentionally) and can be either direct or indirect.
Also, under the Criminal Code of Canada, a defendant can be charged with common assault (also known as “simple assault”) if they accost or impede another person while openly carrying or wearing a real or imitation weapon.

Types of assault

Section 265 of the Criminal Code applies to various types of assault:

What are the penalties for assault charges?

If you were charged with assault in Ontario or elsewhere in Canada, you are unlikely to go to jail unless you have been convicted of similar offences in the past.
The likelihood of a jail sentence increases if you were charged with a more serious type of assault (e.g., aggravated assault) or if you have prior convictions on your criminal record.
Under Section 26 of the Criminal Code, an assault charge can be prosecuted as either:
Depending on the circumstances of the assault charge, you may also be ordered to pay a fine and face several years of probation, discretionary DNA order, a ban from owning or possessing weapons, and a delayed parole order.
In addition to the criminal penalties associated with an assault charge in Ontario, the conviction may also result in the following consequences:

It’s crucial to seek legal counsel from a GTA assault lawyer if you were charged with assault in Ontario. Our results-driven and aggressive criminal defense lawyers at Lawyers From The Six will vigorously defend you against the charges and fight for case dismissal or sentence reduction.

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