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Facing criminal charges in the East and West Gwillimbury region can be nerve-wracking and overwhelming without a criminal defence lawyer who cares about you and your future. A criminal conviction can change your life forever, which is why the importance of being represented by a highly skilled and fearless lawyer cannot be overstated.
The East & West Gwillimbury criminal lawyers from Lawyers From The Six will offer important legal knowledge while defending your rights and evaluating the case against you. They discuss with the prosecution, possibly lessening charges or obtaining beneficial plea deals.
Their presence ultimately improves your chances of a positive result and guarantees fair treatment during the legal proceedings.

Our Criminal Defence
Lawyers East and West Gwillimbury

At Lawyers From The Six, our criminal lawyers have extensive trial experience and unparalleled dedication to help our clients avoid the charges or minimize the possible penalties. Having a criminal defence lawyer fighting for your rights and zealously advocating for you can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case.
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Our Criminal Defence Lawyer Services

With our years of experience, we can represent you on various criminal cases ranging from assault and murder to theft and impaired driving.

Regardless of the offence, facing criminal charges can be a serious and life-altering event. Over the past decades, our dedicated and tenacious criminal defence lawyers at Lawyers From The Six have successfully represented clients against all types of charges:

Assault charges can be for causing physical harm or threatening harm to someone, making them fear imminent danger. It can be simple assault with minor injuries or threats or aggravated assault with serious harm or weapon use.

Aggravated assault is a severe crime where someone intentionally attacks another person, usually causing serious harm with a weapon or resulting in major injuries. It is more serious than simple assault because of factors like using a deadly weapon, intending to cause serious harm, or targeting a vulnerable victim.

Dangerous driving charges usually happen when someone drives recklessly or carelessly, putting others in danger. This can include speeding too much, driving aggressively, or driving while drunk. Punishments can range from fines to losing your license or even going to jail, depending on how serious the situation is and how much harm was done.

Domestic assault is when one partner physically, emotionally, or sexually abuses the other in a domestic relationship. It can include intimidation, threats, or actual harm, which causes fear or injury. This crime is very serious and needs legal intervention and support for the victims.

Failure to provide a sample means not giving a sample when asked during a police investigation. This is usually for suspected intoxication while driving. These charges can result in legal consequences like fines, license suspension, or imprisonment, depending on the location.

Fraud charges occur when someone uses dishonesty or trickery to obtain something valuable, usually money, by lying, misleading, or hiding important information.

Some common examples are stealing someone’s identity, committing credit card fraud, or engaging in insurance fraud. The consequences for these crimes can range from fines to imprisonment, depending on how serious the offense is.

Human trafficking is the act of exploiting people through force, deception, or pressure for different reasons. These include making them work against their will, forcing them into sexual exploitation, or illegally harvesting their organs.

Those who fall victim to this crime are usually in a vulnerable position and are stripped of their freedom, enduring abuse and manipulation. It is considered a serious violation of human rights and a worldwide criminal operation. Our team at LFT6 is experienced in these serious charges and a consultation regarding retaining our office should be scheduled immediately to discuss your case.

Impaired driving charges mean operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. These charges can result in penalties like fines, license suspension, and even imprisonment. Impairment levels are often determined through breath tests or field sobriety tests, and if they exceed the limit, charges may be filed.

Manslaughter is the illegal act of causing someone’s death without planning or intending harm. It can be categorized as voluntary, which means intentionally causing death without prior planning, or involuntary, which occurs due to careless or negligent actions.

Unlike murder, manslaughter does not involve the intention to cause death, which often results in less severe punishments.

Murder charges are legal accusations stating that someone caused the death of another person unlawfully and with intent or malice aforethought. These charges usually involve intentional killing, but they can also include reckless or negligent actions that result in death.

Robbery is when someone takes property from another person using force or threats. It’s different from theft because it involves confronting the victim or threatening them. This can lead to physical or emotional harm for the person being robbed.

Sexual assault charges encompass a variety of non-consensual sexual acts, ranging from unwanted touching to rape. These charges are grave legal accusations that can lead to harsh consequences, such as imprisonment and being listed as a sex offender.

Simple assault is when someone intentionally hurts or scares another person without using a weapon. This can be hitting, kicking, or threatening violence. The consequences depend on the location, but usually include fines, probation, or brief jail time.

Theft charges occur when someone takes someone else’s property without permission, intending to keep it permanently. This crime includes shoplifting, burglary, and embezzlement. Penalties depend on the stolen items’ worth and the situation, from fines to jail time.

A weapons offence is when someone does something illegal with a weapon, like having, using, or giving out firearms, knives, or other dangerous things. This includes doing things like carrying or showing weapons unlawfully or selling them illegally.


Young offender charges are applicable to individuals below a specific age, usually minors, who engage in criminal activities. Instead of being tried in adult criminal court, they go through the juvenile justice system. This system aims to reform rather than penalize, prioritizing education, counseling, and community service, while considering their age and situation.

East and West Gwillimbury Courthouse

If you are facing a criminal charge in East and West Gwillimbury, your case may be heard at the Bradford West-Gwillimbury courthouse located at 57 Holland Street East, Bradford. The full address is:

57 Holland St E
Bradford West Gwillimbury
Ontario, Canada
Phone: 905-775-2621

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Whether you are seeking to defend yourself against criminal charges to clear your name or want to negotiate a resolution to reduce the possible penalties, Lawyers From The Six is ready to work on your case immediately to protect your rights.

The sooner you contact a criminal defence lawyer in East and West Gwillimbury, the better your lawyer can help you understand your legal options and protect your future.

We charge a flat fee for our legal services and have a transparent fee structure to make sure that you can afford the cost of legal representation and regain control of your life.

We are always here when you need us because of our 24/7 availability. Even if you were arrested on the weekend or at night, feel free to contact our East & West Gwillimbury criminal lawyers to discuss your case right away.
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