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With criminal charges against you, the situation can be overwhelming. Your life could change with a criminal conviction. Criminal cases can be intricate and complex. The right representation is, therefore, critical.
Our team of Orillia criminal lawyers at Lawyers From The Six can impart the legal advice you need as we navigate your case. A defence lawyer’s extensive understanding of criminal law can ensure your case is well-supported and your rights are properly defended.
We understand that justice should always prevail and fair case treatment is essential. No matter your specific case, our criminal defence lawyers in Orillia can help.

Choose Our Criminal Defence Lawyers in Orillia

If you have been charged with a criminal offence in the Orillia area, you are in need of a criminal defence lawyer who will fight for your rights. Lawyers From The Six are a team of experienced and dedicated criminal lawyers Orillia residents can rely on to get the best outcome from their situation. Choosing our criminal defence lawyers in Orillia makes navigating your case less complex.
Being charged with a crime can have devastating consequences for you and your family. You may be given hefty fines, a prison sentence, or other penalties that can be disruptive and life-changing. We are on hand to help keep the disruption to a minimum.
We have experience handling cases including assault, sexual assault, theft, and manslaughter, and we are confident we can defend your charges too! Our criminal defence lawyers in Orillia will help you through each stage of the process, making it as stress-free as possible and ensuring we get the best outcome for you.

Our Legal Representation Services for Criminal Cases

Our Orillia criminal lawyers have extensive experience defending charges. We use our deep knowledge of criminal law and experience to support our clients and offer several legal representation services for criminal cases. Our knowledge spans several criminal charges and types of cases including:

Threats to harm others or actually physically harming them can lead to assault charges. Weapons use may be involved in aggravated assault cases. Minor threats may be involved in simple assault cases such as these. 

Aggravated assault means subjecting an individual to grave injuries. The injuries may have been inflicted with weapons in a case such as this. The severity of aggravated assault means it is more severely punished than assault. 

The careless operation of a vehicle may lead to dangerous driving charges. Texting while driving and speeding are two examples of reasons individuals can be charged. License removal is one consequence or, in some cases, substantial fines. 

Occurring within a domestic setting, domestic assault includes physical and/ or verbal abuse. Domestic assault charges also may encompass intimidation alongside these actions. 

The failure to provide a sample charge spans a few cases. Not only does it refer to breath samples, but it also includes urine or blood samples. The consequences individuals face include incarceration and hefty fines.  

Using ruses to illegally acquire property or money can result in fraud charges. However, other actions such as causing financial harm to someone or stealing an individual’s identity can also be considered fraud. Outcomes include imprisonment and in other cases, fines. 

Exploiting an individual’s human rights is an example of human trafficking. It can include other factors too, such as forced labour. Other examples of this criminal charge include sexually exploiting individuals. Trading humans illegally is a grave crime that can also result in a charge. 

Using a vehicle in an impaired state can lead to impaired driving charges. Being intoxicated or having taken drugs when driving are a couple of instances of impairment. It can lead to the suspension of a license. Additionally, it can lead to other legal penalties. 

Being responsible for someone’s death without intent, in most scenarios, is manslaughter. Voluntary and involuntary are the two types of manslaughter charges. It can be due to negligence in the case of involuntary circumstances. It can be intentional but without any previous plans in voluntary circumstances.  

Causing someone’s death with intent can end in a murder charge. It’s the unlawful, intentional act of killing a person, though it may be through negligent actions. It is a highly serious charge that has more severe or greater punishments than manslaughter in most cases.  

If an individual takes possession of another person’s property with force, this is robbery. It can end in a robbery charge. It isn’t the same as theft due to the violence or threats that occur in cases such as these. Harm, either emotionally or physically, happens to the victim of robbery. 

Several types of actions that are non-consensual may end in a sexual assault charge. Touching an individual inappropriately is one example. Rape is another. Cases that include unwanted sexual contact or initiating non-consensual sexual actions can lead to incarceration.  

Deliberately threatening a person or causing harm to another person is simple assault – where no weapon is present. Actions such as slapping and kicking an individual are other examples. This can cause injuries that might not be grave. 

Burglary and shoplifting are classed as acts of theft. It refers to taking items from stores or from an individual without asking them. The intent behind these actions is to have the item for themselves. It can result in a theft charge 

Distributing guns or other weapons is classified as a weapons offence. Unlawfully possessing a weapon can lead to a weapons offence charge. Lacking a permit and having a weapon can lead to the same outcome, as can owning prohibited types of weapons. 

When minors are the recipients of criminal charges, this is known as a charge for young offenders. The result can be community service, aiming to minimize the chances of future criminal actions. Used with counselling, this can support children on their way to successful rehabilitation. 

Whatever the charges, we aim to present you with all the options and advocate for you to get the best outcome we can. Our criminal defence lawyers in Orillia can represent you, keeping you fully informed throughout the proceedings.

Orillia Courthouse

If you’ve been charged in the Orillia area, you’ll likely find your case is heard at Orillia Satellite Court. The contact details for this courthouse are as follows:

Courthouse, Cottage C
Huronia Regional Centre
700 Memorial Ave.
Orillia, ON
L3V 6H9

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