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Facing criminal charges in Richmond Hill or anywhere else in the York Region can be a nerve-wracking and frightening experience. When your freedom, potential employment and housing opportunities, and future as a whole are at stake, it is critical to have an experienced criminal defence lawyer on your side.

Our Richmond Hill criminal lawyers have in-depth knowledge of criminal law, legal procedures, and the criminal justice system. They understand the complexities of the law, which is crucial for building a strong defence strategy.

Having a criminal lawyer by your side ensures that your constitutional rights are protected throughout the legal process.

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At Lawyers From The Six, we provide high-quality legal services to the accused in Richmond Hill. With our unparalleled dedication to clients, we will work on your criminal case to minimize all possible penalties and negative consequences related to your charges.

Thanks to our long-standing relationships with people in Canada’s criminal justice system, we have the unique opportunity to efficiently negotiate with prosecutors and law enforcement to help our clients get the charges dismissed or reduced.

Our law firm is familiar with courtroom procedures, rules of evidence, and how to effectively present a case to a judge or jury. We have criminal defence lawyers in Richmond Hill who can also provide emotional support during a confusing and complex legal process.

Our Richmond Hill Criminal Lawyer Services

If you were arrested in Richmond Hill, do not hesitate to contact Lawyers From The Six to protect your freedom and future. We vigorously defend our clients’ rights in various criminal cases:

Assault is a crime where someone intentionally and unlawfully threatens or physically harms another person. This action causes the victim to fear immediate bodily harm. It doesn’t always involve physical contact, as the intention to cause fear or harm is enough.

Aggravated assault is a heightened form of assault that involves deliberate harm or the use of a lethal weapon. It surpasses ordinary assault by taking into account factors such as the severity of injuries, the presence of a weapon, or the intent to cause substantial harm.

Dangerous driving charges involve criminal offences related to driving in a way that endangers others. This includes reckless driving, aggressive driving, and impaired driving. Actions like speeding, dangerous maneuvers, and driving under the influence may be included.

Domestic assault is when someone physically, verbally, or emotionally abuses their spouse, partner, or family member. It includes various actions, such as making threats, intimidating, or causing physical harm.

Failure to provide a sample means not giving a specimen for alcohol or drug testing, usually during a DUI investigation. This refusal can include breath, blood, or urine samples.

Fraud charges involve purposeful deceit or misrepresentation to gain financial or personal advantages. Examples include wire fraud, identity theft, and securities fraud. Perpetrators manipulate information, use false pretenses, or use deceptive schemes to deceive victims.

Human trafficking involves exploiting people through force, deception, or manipulation. This is for purposes like forced work, sexual exploitation, or involuntary servitude. The victims, who are often vulnerable and marginalized, endure harsh conditions and have their fundamental human rights violated.

Impaired driving charges mean a person has driven a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. These charges involve surpassing legal limits of alcohol or showing impaired faculties due to substance use.

Manslaughter is the unintentional killing of another person without premeditation or intent to harm. It differs from murder as there is no intention to cause death. There are two types: voluntary, when someone intentionally commits an illegal act resulting in death, and involuntary when death is caused by negligence or recklessness.

Murder is when someone unlawfully kills another person on purpose without any legal reason or excuse. It involves intentionally causing someone’s death, knowing that it could result in serious harm or even death. The seriousness of murder charges depends on factors like planning, motive, and the situation surrounding the killing.

Robbery charges occur when someone forcefully takes another person’s belongings or property, using violence, threats, or intimidation. Unlike theft, robbery specifically involves violence or the possibility of violence. This offence can include street muggings or armed robberies targeting businesses.

Sexual assault is when someone forces another person to engage in sexual acts without their consent. Consent is crucial, and any sexual activity without clear, voluntary, and enthusiastic agreement is considered assault.

Simple assault is when someone intentionally threatens or physically harms another person without using a weapon. It usually leads to minor injuries or the fear of immediate harm. The key factor for a simple assault charge is the intention to cause fear or harm.

Theft charges occur when someone takes someone else’s property without permission and intends to keep it without returning it. This offence includes various crimes, such as small theft and large-scale theft, depending on the value of the stolen items.

A weapons offence means the person has illegally possessed, used, or traded weapons. These include knives, guns, or other dangerous objects. These offences also include carrying hidden weapons without the required permits, using weapons in an illegal manner, or participating in the illegal arms trade.

Young offender charges are legal accusations made against individuals who are under the age of 18 for participating in criminal activities. Instead of being dealt with in adult criminal courts, young offenders are handled by the juvenile justice system. The main emphasis is on rehabilitating and educating them rather than setting disciplinary actions.

Richmond Hill Courthouse

If you or your loved one has been arrested in Richmond Hill you will most likely attend a hearing at the Superior Court of Justice located in Newmarket.

If you were charged with a crime in the Richmond Hill area, you should turn to a criminal defence lawyer you can trust. At Lawyers From The Six, our lawyers will remain by your side throughout your case to protect your freedom and rights.

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We are prepared to fight relentlessly and strategically to protect your rights in the courtroom. While we provide outstanding legal services, we also keep our fees reasonable for our clients.
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