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Our Milton criminal lawyers firmly believe in the right that legal representation should apply to every individual. Legal advice from experienced lawyers can help. With an in-depth knowledge of criminal law, our Lawyers From The Six can support your case in Milton.
Advocating for you and ensuring just treatment is received throughout the legal process, we are here to support you.

Encountering criminal charges can be highly stressful. Navigating the legal process without defence is challenging. Impacting your record, criminal convictions can greatly affect your life. For this reason, seeking legal representation is fundamental. 

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If you have been charged with a crime in Milton or anywhere in the Halton Region, you could be facing harsh penalties, including imprisonment, fines, probation, and other forms of punishment depending on the charges against you.

Do not underestimate the seriousness of the situation. You need a dedicated and passionate advocate on your side. At Lawyers From The Six, our criminal defence lawyers in Milton realize that a criminal conviction can have dire consequences, which is why we are prepared to work relentlessly to mount a strong defence strategy on your behalf.

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Our Legal Representation Services for Criminal Offences

Our highly respected and knowledgeable criminal lawyers in Milton have accumulated the experience to zealously represent clients in all types of criminal cases.

We have represented and offered legal advice to clients charged with a criminal offence, including the following:

A charge of assault can be the result of threats of harm or inflicting physical harm to an individual. Aggravated assault includes the use of weapons. Simple assault includes minor threats. 

Inflicting grave, highly serious injuries to an individual is aggravated assault. Weapon use is often involved in this context. Greater, more severe sentences can be the result compared with simple assault. 

Dangerous driving charges often occur with reckless or careless vehicle operation. Driving too fast, operating vehicles while using a phone, driving after alcohol use, or not paying heed to traffic laws can potentially all count as dangerous driving. Sentences can reflect the severity of the danger risk to others, and it is possible to have a licence removed as a result. 

Verbal and physical abuse that occurs between partners in a home setting is domestic assault. Threats of violence and sexual abuse can lead to domestic assault charges, as can intimidation or behaviour that leads to injury or makes an individual fearful. 

Failing to give a urine sample, or a blood or breath sample when requested by law can result in this charge. It encompasses contexts where an individual may drive under the influence of alcohol. 

Criminal deception that involves using ploys to steal money and financially harming an individual can lead to fraud charges. The theft of identity and committing credit card fraud are some examples that can lead to fines or incarceration.  

Inflicting forced labour and illegally trading individuals is human trafficking. Sexual exploitation is also encompassed in this charge, with victims of any age or gender. Manipulation, deception, human rights exploitation, and control are all actions that contribute to human trafficking. 

Impaired driving includes driving after using drugs or alcohol. This can include prescription drug use. Consequences include unsafe driving and putting others at risk as a result, potentially leading to charges of impaired driving. 

The unintentional action of causing an individual’s death is manslaughter. Being an unintentional action, it differs from murder. It may be accidental or occur due to carelessness. Reckless driving and accidents that lead to an individual’s death, for example, can count as manslaughter charges. 


The intentional, pre-planned action of causing someone’s death is murder. Convictions for this charge can occur if evidence shows an individual deliberately and maliciously ended another person’s life. 

Seizing an individual’s property forcibly is robbery, as is using threats to take the items. Since it includes confrontation and the accused inflicts emotional or physical harm on the victim, it differs from theft. 

Rape and non-consensual sexual acts are examples of sexual assault charges, as is inappropriate, unwanted sexual contact. Imprisonment or being listed on a sex offender list are a couple of consequences that can happen as a result of these severe actions.  

Threatening someone or inflicting harm on an individual without using a weapon can count as simple assault. Shoving someone or punching another person and causing minor injuries are some instances that can lead to a simple assault charge.  

Taking an individual’s property without asking, with the intent of possessing it yourself, can lead to theft charges. Shoplifting is one example, as is quickly grabbing a person’s wallet. The severity of charges varies from context to context and reflects the value of the property. 

Having weapons in your possession and using them for illegal actions can lead to a weapons offence. Using the weapons to threaten or to distribute them illegally can count as an offence, as can using them despite not having a permit and possessing prohibited weapons.  

Minors can also be charged under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. In this context, avoiding a criminal record and rehabilitation is the focus, as is counselling and possible community service.  

Having a dedicated and trustworthy criminal defence lawyer on your side is crucial. Our Milton criminal lawyers at Lawyers From The Six can help you navigate the criminal justice system and ensure that you understand all of your options and potential outcomes. 

Milton Courthouse

If you are facing criminal charges in the Milton area, your case may be heard at the Milton Ontario Court of Justice, located at 491 Steeles Ave E, Milton. The full address of the Milton courthouse is:

491 Steeles Ave E
ON L9T 1Y7
Ontario, Canada
Phone: 905-878-4165

If you were accused of a crime, let the criminal defence lawyers at Lawyers From The Six review your case and explain the nature and nuances of the charges against you.

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Facing criminal charges is always a scary experience, no matter what you are being accused of. That’s why you should not handle your case alone. Our Milton criminal defence lawyers at Lawyers From The Six will be with you through every stage of the process to ensure that your rights are protected.
If you are not sure whether you need a lawyer or not, you can schedule a free initial consultation with our team of well-recognized and respected criminal lawyers at Lawyers From The Six.
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