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If you were charged with fraud in the Greater Toronto Area, contact a GTA criminal lawyer.

Defending You Against the Fraud Charge in the GTA

When facing fraud charges, your reputation can receive a damaging blow instantly. Furthermore, being charged with fraud can ruin your career and business altogether.
It’s critical to be represented by a GTA criminal lawyer to exclude and challenge the evidence in your case and successfully defend against fraud charges. Our fraud lawyers at Lawyers From The Six have the required experience and resources to handle criminal cases involving various types of fraud.

What is fraud?

Section 380 of the Criminal Code of Canada defines “fraud” as defrauding another person or the public of money, property, services, or any valuable security through deceitful conduct, falsehood, or fraudulent means.
The Crown must prove that you had the intent to commit the crime to convict you of fraud. When prosecuting cases of fraud, the Crown must establish beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant engaged in fraudulent activities. In order to do so, the Crown will evaluate all available documentation, witness statements, and evidence.
Being convicted of fraud can result in incarceration in addition to hefty fines and restitution paid to the victim.

Types of fraud

There are numerous types of fraud that can lead to criminal charges under Section 380 of the Criminal Code. Some of the most common types of fraud are:

What are the penalties for fraud charges?

Penalties for fraud charges depend on a number of factors, but the primary one is the amount of money involved in the defendant’s fraudulent action:

  • For fraudulent activities under $5,000.00, the maximum penalty is six months for a summary conviction or two years for indictment. Depending on the nature of the offence, the court can order the defendant to serve house arrest instead of incarceration.
  • For fraudulent activities over $5,000.00, you can face up to 14 years in jail. If the amount exceeds $1 million, the minimum term of imprisonment is two years.
Regardless of whether you face fraud charges for under or over $5,000.00, it’s important to seek help from an experienced criminal lawyer in the Greater Toronto Area.
Our GTA fraud lawyers will evaluate your particular situation to determine the most appropriate defence available. Some of the defence strategies include arguing that you didn’t have the fraudulent intent to be guilty of the offence or that certain pieces of evidence against you should be excluded.

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