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Criminal Defence
Lawyers East and West Gwillimbury

Criminal Defence
Lawyers East and West Gwillimbury

Facing criminal charges in the East and West Gwillimbury region can be nerve-wracking and overwhelming without a criminal defence lawyer that cares about you and your future.
A criminal conviction can change your life forever, which is why the importance of being represented by a highly skilled and fearless lawyer cannot be overstated.
At Lawyers From The Six, our criminal lawyers have extensive trial experience and unparalleled dedication to help our clients avoid the charges or minimize the possible penalties.
Having an East and West Gwillimbury criminal defence lawyer fighting for your rights and zealously advocating for you can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case.

Our Services

With our proven track record of success, we can help you achieve the best results in criminal cases ranging from assault and murder to theft and impaired driving.

Regardless of the offence, facing criminal charges can be a serious and life-altering event. Over the past decades, our dedicated and tenacious criminal defence lawyers at Lawyers From The Six have successfully represented clients against all types of charges:

East and West Gwillimbury Courthouse

If you are facing a criminal charge in East and West Gwillimbury, your case may be heard either at the Bradford West-Gwillimbury courthouse or Newmarket courthouse. The latter is located at 57 Holland Street East, Bradford. The full address is:

57 Holland St E
Bradford West Gwillimbury
Ontario, Canada
Phone: 905-775-2621

Contact our criminal lawyers at Lawyers From The Six if you are under investigation or were charged with a crime in East and West Gwillimbury. Our lawyers will help you understand your legal options and protect your future.

Contact our Criminal Lawyers in East and West Gwillimbury today

Whether you are seeking to defend yourself against criminal charges to clear your name or want to negotiate a resolution to reduce the possible penalties, Lawyers From The Six is ready to work on your case immediately to protect your rights.
The sooner you contact a criminal lawyer in East and West Gwillimbury, the better outcome your lawyer can help you achieve.
We charge a flat fee for our legal services and have a transparent fee structure to make sure that you can afford the cost of legal representation and regain control of your life.

We are always here when you need us because of our 24/7 availability. Even if you were arrested on the weekend or at night, feel free to give us a call to discuss your case right away. Get a free initial consultation with our criminal defence lawyers at Lawyers From The Six by calling 647-830-3083

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