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Criminal Defence
Lawyers Vaughan

At Lawyers From The Six, our Vaughan criminal defence lawyers understand how terrifying and stressful facing criminal charges can be. We also understand how a criminal charge can impact various aspects of your life.
If you don’t take action immediately to construct a winning defence strategy, your freedom could be at stake. Our experienced lawyers know how to work with prosecutors and courts in Vaughan to help our clients avoid convictions and lengthy sentences. We are committed to giving every client individualized and effective counsel.
Time is of the essence when facing criminal charges. You have no time to waste. The sooner you schedule a consultation with a knowledgeable criminal defence lawyer in Vaughan, the better the outcome will be.

Our Services

No matter what you have (or have not done), our team of skilled criminal lawyers at Lawyers From The Six is here to help. We have decades of courtroom experience in handling a variety of criminal cases:

Vaughan Courthouse

If you were arrested in Vaughan or anywhere in the York Region, you and your criminal defence lawyer might participate in the criminal justice proceedings at the courthouse at 50 Eagle Street W in Newmarket. The full address is:
50 Eagle Street West
ON L1G 0A2.
Ontario, Canada
Phone: 905-853-4809
If you have been charged with a crime in Vaughan, our criminal defence lawyers at Lawyers From The Six can explain your rights and provide a wide range of services to defend your case.

Contact our Criminal Lawyers in Vaughan today

Contacting a knowledgeable criminal defence lawyer before the arrest or immediately afterward can make a massive difference in the outcome of your case.
We possess strong litigation skills to help you get the best results. While an arrest can be very nerve-wracking and stressful, you shouldn’t give up hope. There’s still a chance to defend you against the charges and avoid a conviction.
Our Vaughan criminal lawyers at Lawyers From The Six are prepared to vigorously defend your rights and always go the extra mile to seek the justice you deserve.

We are available 24/7 to take your calls and answer your questions. Schedule a free initial consultation with our criminal defence lawyers in Vaughan by calling 647-830-3083

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